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About Air Flower

Air Flower is a wholly brand team of the Ningbo Ningshing Holdings Corporation (www.ningshing.cn) with headquarters in CBD, and with a diversified business portfolio covering the realms of trade, industry, investment and service. Since 1998 Ningshing has been awarded Chinese Top 500 Import & Export Company by Ministry of Commerce, National Best Quality and Profit Import & Export Company, both Zhejiang and Ningbo Top 100 Enterprise, Top Accredited Company (AAA) in Ningbo, Most Cultivated Group in Zhejiang Province, and Ningbo Charity Model.

Standing in our 11 years of operation, Air Flower has become one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of Air Freshener products for home and Car in China mainland, currently serving many major importers, brand name household/car air freshener manufacturers and retailers worldwide. Air Flower also is very active in the promotional market having landed several major OEM projects with renowned companies. Air Flower are exporting 98% of its products to mostly Europe, America and Japan market working closely with renown brands as well as with key distributors in various markets, its business success is a result of its rapid response to customer needs , its ability that constantly develop innovative products that meet the latest market trend on competitive prices and reliable quality.

In the meantime, Air Flower utilizes global advantages for product development , the service oriented sales team along with quality management are helping Air Flower build strong relationships with customers while maintaining a good reputation in the world , Air Flower are proud to be where Air Flower are and shall continue to focus on our company mission for years to come.

Air Flower's philosophies:
Satisfied Customers:
Our goal is keeping the best always, honor our customers and achieve our objective.

Excellent Quality:
Our ISO 9001 certificate demonstrates Air Flower is able to provide top quality air fresheners to meet customer expectations and standards so as to achieve customer satisfaction.

Exceptional Products:
Air Flower work in close cooperation with our customers in developing and manufacturing products that bring refreshing air to customers' living environments in car or in house, also public place.

Through open communication and coordination among hierarchical organizational, continuous education and training, Air Flower are forming a work atmosphere of trust, stability, creativity and spontaneity.

Air Flower' s Strengths:
1. Sales and Marketing constantly surveying new trend and designs around the world, work closely with key customers worldwide to develop¡®hot¡¯products for specific market at best price possible.
2. In house 2D graphic and 3D design team rapid respond to customer customized graphic and product design requirements.
3. In house R&D department possesses the most fragrance and fine chemical technology; ensuring performance, reliability and safety in each product produced.
4. Air Flower's own subsidiary factory works closely for prototyping and mass production flexibility.
5. Over 5 factories in 100KM from Air Flower central are logically linked to provide labor- intensive component and production support, ensuring cost competitiveness

Automatic Air Freshener Fresh Breeze Dispenser Plug-in Freshener Diffuser Crystal Fresh Gel Air Freshener
Add: 23rd Floor,Dahai Mansion, No.39,Lane577,Tiantong South Rd,Yinzhou District Ningbo,CHINA  
Tel: 0086-574-55006688  
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Website: www.airfreshener.cn